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Places in Taipei

You may hear some interesting places in Taipei or Taiwan. You may get to these places by bus, MRT or just walk. In Taipei City, the government bureau set up a few web sites to provide foreigners tourism information. It is easy to find the tips from web search. Volunteered people in many tourist information places also warmly provide good advises to you.

However, just a few tricks may save your time and money. Please read our web site and get the information.


Tour Guides

There are many licensed tour guides in Taipei. Previously we are all Taipei Tour Guide Association members. Since our association does not maintain a web page any more, we decided to host a web page to serve previous and upcoming tour agents.

We are all experienced tour guide for more than 10 years.

Best Possible Way To Reach

we can be reached by emails. We may advise you some tips in advance or we can talk to you in person.

Booking by Email

Using an email is the best way.

Booking by Phone

For urgent cases, you can call us immediately.

Booking on-line

We provide a form to let you book on-line. It will be available later.

Bring tourists to shopping?

Our tour guide will not bring tourist to shopping stores unless the tourist requests. If you want to buy Nike shoes, we will suggest you buy the shoes in the Nike store. If you want to buy candies, we may take you to the Carrefour to stay 2 hours in your last day. If you want to buy local souvenirs, it is a good idea to go to the Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center.

Reasonable iternatory?

We are professional; we will not waste your time. If you want to experience local life, we can plan for you in advance. There is no need to ask us to fully service you. You may have a whole afternoon just to have a cup of coffee.

Most inbound tourists visit Taipei first.

If you like to visit a traditional local market, please let us know. Some local markets only open in the evening. If you want to stay near an MRT station with a reasonal price, we may arrange your hotel near the West Gate Station.